Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Complete Life Part 1


Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was born in about Year 570 (20 or 22 April) on Monday Morning (9 or 12 Rabi al Awwal

 At that Time, Justinian II was the Roman Empero

 Europe was in Dark Ages

 Born during the reign of a “Just King” meaning Chosreos I , The 
Persian Monarch ( Khosru Nusherwan ) who reigned from 531 – 579

 In Arab, Born during the “ Year of Elephant Event “ 
( A Failed assault on Makkah by an army Using Elephants by King Abraha) ( Surah Al-feel , Al- Quran )

 Born as Orphan because Abdullah died shortly before his birth

Miracles at Birth of Holy Prophet PBUH

    The idols fall down in Kabbah including biggest idol “ Hubba “

 Hazrat Amna said, there was a light that issued out of my pudendum and lit the palaces of Syria.

 The fire in the Magi temple of the Zoroastrians which had been alight for thousands of years, became quenched for the first time in recorded history

 Fourteen towers of the Royal palace of Nausherwan, the Emperor of Persia, broke and fell

 Some churches on Lake Sawa sank down and collapsed

 Abdul-Muttalib called the baby Muhammad, a name not then common among the Arabs.


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